Kitchen & Butler


0. Change cabinets to Hancock

1. All cabinet perimeter to be white w/ Charcoal counter top

2. Island... Hancock Willow.. 

3. No Island Panels


1. No upper cabinet, change to two       shelves

No back splash

2. Please take out sink

3. Butler lower cabinet to match island: Hancock Willow, keep Silestone Charcoal Soapstone Suede countertop


Master Bathroom


1. A Basket Weave tile pattern for shower wall. - photo moved to gallery. 

Grout: The 91 Slate Grey..

We're doing the shower niche, still hexagon right? If not please do.. There's a photo in gallery.

2. Black Hexagon Pan

The SURROUND on the PAN to be the Contessa Dama- not hexagon.

3. Tile floor- Contessa Dama- Stacked- not brick pattern.. Then this pattern to be on tub as well. (ignore niche in tub area)

4. Surround, on TUB to be Cosmo Charcoal with matching black grout. The more solid/unified it looks the better.. 

5. Can you double check the hardware in the MB- is the standard?

6. Cabinets: If I can get a Matte finish,  I'm going to go for the Hancock Onyx. 

 I'll put a photo in gallery. I tried to find it online.. Just want to be clear.. If it's not matte, then I'll do something else. (I have a plan B)

7. Take out mirrors.. Put in standard. 

8. Lighting: The standard.. I can change sconces those out if I need to, right? 



Shower Wall Tile

1. Please change tile wall to same as photo- 3x6 subway tile, MATTE with white grout.

2. Please extend to ceiling

3. Did you tell me we have the Moen 8" spread- Please make it the 4" spread.

4. Please change to cultured marble rectangular sinks. thx



This tile for floor please.

1. Linden Point Grigio 12x24;

Stacked with a light gray grout..  

88 Silver Shadow.. 


Something like this photo..

1. Change back tile to the Cosmopolitan Charcoal.


Grout: White for white tile and​

Dark gray for all black tile. Including Hexagon Pan- yeah?






1. Please take out tongue and groove wall. 

All-in-One fireplace surround with charcoal- Avoid grout look, look :)

This is the look I'm going for. I would prefer it as wide as possible- with 90 degree angles. Kind of chunky looking.

I can try an make a "mock-up" of it with your fireplace.. But I need to get some other work done first (that I've been neglecting :/ ) - THX


Ok- Maybe only one frame.. I WILL mock this up... Stay tuned.. :)

Electrical +

1. Change switches to the flat toggle

2. Take out all dimmers and three-way.

3. It looks like there's already an outlet for an iron in the laundry room according to the plans you gave me? Can you double check that please. And take out the one we put in if not needed. Thx.

4. Can 3rd floor room, get 2-4 canned/recessed lights..



Thank You!