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The Break Down

Flying Water Pig

Every project is unique, so please don't hesitate to

contact me. This is general start.

Custom Wedding Map

Your map will include a layout of your needs and include important destinations you'd like to point out. 

Your map design includes three customized graphic icons plus additional fun and generic icons (waves, birds, the train, bikes, and/or simpler more informative graphics)

For additional graphic icons. . . . . . Additional $15, or two for $25

In Addition- you can't leave the back empty!  You can welcome your guest,

give them the weekend schedule, a local coupon for a special place, whatever you'd like.

Feel like adding the design to something else? A tote bag? Sticker?

Easy peasy.. (just an additional layout time applies)


Wedding & Pattern Design 
[2 or more Print-ables] 

Stand out by adding your signature design or theme to your event. 

Choose multiple printables to coordinate your theme and watch the

beauty of your party come together. Small details make a big difference.

The cost of your package depends on the item, quality and quantity of printables you are looking for. You will only be paying for my services and additional layouts. I do printing from a variety of the finest companies to choose from. We print from local printers as well as international. You may also find your own.

Let's talk for a general quote.

*Note: You will only be paying for my services and additional layouts. Not the items being printed.

The Printers

For more info, ideas and printing cost check out

Wedding paper needs:

Here are some templates and prices:

For Fabric, Wallpaper & Giftwrap

Art of Where

I'm open to working with your preferred printer

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